The WHO Collaborating Center for Urologic Tumors, Karolinska

Center Presentation

The WHO Collaborating Center for Urologic Tumors is a section of the Karolinska Institute and the Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm. It is supported by the King Gustaf V Jubilee Fund.

The center was instituted in 1976, following contacts between the World Health Organization and the Government of Sweden. The center is a link in a global network of WHO centers dealing with various cancer issues and is acting in conjunction with the WHO Global Action Plan Against Cancer.

Major parts of our program are periodical assessment of the urological cancer burden and trend worldwide, assistance in the postgraduate training of medical personnel, and contributions to update policy guidelines and stimulate and accelerate clinical implementation of progress in translational research. The latter efforts are accomplished in the form of International Consultations where scientists of various expertise and selected among those world-leading within their respective fields are invited to collaborate.

After a time for preparation, usually around one year, we come together for a consensus meeting with the ambition to agree on modern principles in diagnosis and therapy and to propose clinical recommendations. These invitations have been met with a large interest and most of those colleagues involved have done a very serious and important job.

At present, the Center is in a phase of redesignation.



WHO Collaborating Center for Urologic Tumors
Department of Oncology (Radiumhemmet)
Karolinska University Hospital
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Stockholm, Sweden
Stockholm, Sweden

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